RTO Quality Reforms & the New Standards for RTOs

The Australian Government has committed to improving the quality of vocational education and training by developing new Standards for RTOs, as well as other related reforms. These changes aim to meet the needs of recent ASQA Regulatory Practices and Processes. RTOs should keep up with these changes to remain informed and abide by all new regulations.


What can RTOs expect from the RTO quality reforms?

The new Quality Reforms for RTOs by ASQA involve a better definition of ‘high-quality training’ and the development of a VET workforce blueprint. This will help RTOs easily comply with the Standards and ensure quality training, providing confidence to both learners and employers in the VET system.

What problem do the new Standards for RTOs aim to solve?

The new Standards for RTOs is aiming to solve the problem of learner outcomes not being focused enough by consolidating requirements into three sections: outcome-focused standards, guidelines with credentialing and additional validation requirements, and administrative requirements.

The changes in the three documents under the new Standards for RTOs are as follows:

The new Standards for RTOs have strengthened requirements and introduced a framework of 5 Quality Areas which are supported by Focus Areas that have individual outcome statements. This framework clearly communicates the expectations from RTOs and the intended outcomes of their performance.

These 5 quality areas provide RTOs with goals to aim for in order to provide high-quality training. It makes the job of identifying and meeting these goals easier for them.

· Training and assessment

· Learner support

· Workforce

· Engagement

· Governance

In the Draft Standards for RTOs, there is a Consultation Paper that seeks to better the quality of training and focus on the learners’ experience.

What stage is the Quality Reforms currently in?

Draft Standards for Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) are available on the Skills Reform website for review and download. ASQA is developing supporting materials to help increase RTO capacity, as well as a VET Workforce Blueprint and reforms to ASQA’s regulatory approach to focus on education quality.

How will these changes affect your RTO?

The latest draft of the Standards for RTOs has changes that make it easier to follow, but also stricter requirements which can be a challenge for RTOs. Nonetheless, meeting these requirements may provide better learner outcomes and help to improve training quality. RTOs will also have more autonomy when it comes to training delivery.

What can your RTO do now?

ASQA is holding consultation forums concerning the RTO quality reform, which is an ongoing process to be completed in 2023. It’s important to stay informed on the new standards in order to participate.



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